Success Stories of Leading Healthcare Company

Advantage and Commercial Contracts

Cloud Destinations collaborated with a major firm to create a dedicated resource model located within a Near-shore Delivery Center. Cloud Destinations maintains a 24x7x365 support crew solely for the company under this tailored strategy, building deep expertise in its systems and operations. This type of solution also enables the customer to have a more active part in critical operational areas, such as hiring/interviewing.

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) frameworks were used to develop and integrate exchange languages for exchanging, sharing, integrating, and retrieving electronic health information to support infrastructural, administrative, and clinical interoperability features deployed on cloud, SaaS, and Web.

Azure expenditures were managed and optimized using tools and best practices.

cloud destinations
cloud destinations

Help Desk and System Administration Support

Cloud Destinations provides systems administration support, including monitoring and maintaining Windows system environments. To support procedures, the company provided rapid technical assistance as well as document configuration. Recommendations for performance and schedule enhancements, fixes, and reconfigurations. First-level support, upgrade management, and contributed to the planning and testing of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Data warehouse Support: Created Cloud Data warehouse programme plans, deployed software updates, and ran rigorous tests and evaluations to assure optimal performance.

Support for Cybersecurity: Monitored and handled moderately complicated software issues affecting the vulnerability assessment scanning tool. Modestly sophisticated healthcare apps and Data warehouse were tested, debugged, installed, maintained, and documented. Responded to user issues and enquiries, granted user access, and provided user training/assistance as needed.

Contributed to the design, planning, and execution of system enhancements and configuration modifications. Created and updated operational documentation.

DevOps Support: Investigated and troubleshooted an application or infrastructure to address an issue and identify the root cause. Preventative maintenance is prioritized in order to improve application uptime and proactively reduce production disruptions. To reduce production pain points, it collaborated with Development teams in the planning and execution of production releases.


Oracle Fusion Support

Oversaw the implementation and maintenance of Oracle Fusion packaged solutions. Worked on difficult system technical design. Developed OIC integrations on ERP Cloud and provided strategic technological direction. Contributed to capacity plans and supported with load tests. The initiative's and the organization's desired outcomes are clearly established.

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Help Desk Support

Provided assistance to over 90 users. Assisting with general technology customer support. Email, Active Directory, Windows, computer hardware, computer software, system development, networking, video conferencing, web conferencing, and mobile devices all receive technical help.


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Server Management Support

Platform as a service for compute / storage / network / security, with end-to-end responsibility for providing and sustaining the platform. Standardization was implemented for configurations, policies, procedures, and performance reporting. KPIs and indicators have been implemented to ensure a high level of uptime and provide detailed visibility into the health of the platforms.


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Ecommerce Support

Assists the Ecommerce Manager with backlog task management, develops user stories, gathers requirements, and acts as a bridge between the Web Team, IT, and Marketing. Aided in the investigation and resolution of technological difficulties. To inform future revisions of experience, web analytics, consumer insights, industry trends, and customer service comments were used.


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Point of Sale Support

Any functional deficiencies have been filled. After all the configurations have been completed and everyone has been trained, the site will be made live on the system. Ensured that the transition to the new system went smoothly. Answered operational and application questions and conferred with the customer in order to transfer system ownership to the customer. Provide the customer with post-“go-live” and general technical assistance.


Data Migration & BI Analytics Generation

Our client has been in the healthcare industry for more than 75 years and serving the world with the mission "Protect and improve human health" with nearly 3,000 global employees, including microbiologists, toxicologists, chemists, engineers, and environmental & public health professionals.

Our client has decided to move their audit analytics data to Snowflake cloud OLAP and provide better business insights to clients by leveraging Microsoft Power BI. This helps the various functional and business units to plan and conduct the audits very effectively.

Cloud Destinations' team consists of 1 Solution Architect, 3 ETL Engineers, and 10 Power BI Developers took on the major task of churning out 30 BI reports per week approximately. The scope was finalized to move the analytics data and BI reports for approximately 600 internal reports, in a short span of 20 weeks. As a first step, the reports used internally within various functional areas of the client were targeted for development.


cloud destinations
cloud destinations


With a combination of a few Power BI lead resources and the majority of fresh Power BI talent, the team took up with very


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Tackled Inconsistencies Between Platforms

The data inconsistencies on Oracle and Snowflake caused inconsistencies in Power BI report data. We continuously monitored the pipelines that pulled the data from Oracle to Snowflake and fixed the inconsistencies.


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Migration Between Oracle & Snowflake

Change in the data environment had its own challenges. Scheduled ADF pipelines were designed to move the data from Oracle to Snowflake. Few Tableau reports had data derived from complex queries that referred to oracle packages and functions for certain attributes. Identifying apt transformations to adapt them to the snowflake environment was a challenging task.


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Enhanced Data Visualization

Customers who had become accustomed to Tableau reports were seeking the same appearance and feel, as well as data accessibility, in the currently developed MS Power BI reports. There are certain shifts in access levels that coincide with technological advancements. We maintained the project on schedule and explained the improvements that will benefit them.


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Effective QA & UA Testing

The developed reports were QA and UA tested. The stagnation of reports in the QA-Developer stage was addressed by setting up working sessions between the QA tester, the Report Developer, and the ETL engineer to iron out issues in the report and make it sail toward UAT.


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Recommended Improvements

We found numerous reports which were stale in the existing environment. Highlighted them to the client, and discussed them with various stakeholders across the organization helping the client to decide on the changes required to the reports.


Cross Channel Gift Card Program for a Leading Virtual Reality Provider

Our client is one of the market-leading virtual reality providers around the globe, they were in a need of cross channel gift program for in-store & online purchases.

We understood the client's expectations and our developers developed a cross channel gift card program for in-store and online purchases with the capability to buy, redeem, cancel, check balance, and review the reporting for a major virtual reality experience company.

In this experience, people can see and physically interact with everyone inside the room, as if they were in the real world. We used third-party applications for Gift cards and Payment integrations.

cloud destinations
cloud destinations

Partner Signup Application

Our client required a partner signup application to get prospective partners’ details and create campaigns in both online and offline modes. We created a Partner Signup application that provides a portal for interested prospective partners to sign up and our client’s administrators can validate, approve, and onboard partners. It will also provide the client’s administrators to create campaigns and provide an offline feature for campaign executives to sign up prospective partners.

The functionality will be used worldwide and across US borders. The data collected from the user will be posted to a third-party application.

As part of the signup, contracts and agreements will be generated and sent for signature. During a campaign in any location, this application should be available in offline mode as well to store the signup records. Later it can be imported when connected to the internet.

This offline feature enabled the clients to launch multiple campaigns at remote locations, without worrying about connectivity. Also, the application’s international user base enablement resulted in expanding the client's business in many countries outside of the US.


Data Analytical Portal

Our client is an industry leader in the entertainment industry, they were searching for a company that can develop a data analytical portal that helps cross-functional collaboration between their internal teams.

We landed this project, and our highly skilled developers created a Data Analytical portal for internal users of a client specializing in digital audio processing and audio encoding & compression.

With this portal, users can upload the raw data from source systems and transform the data. Users can then search and analyze the data for various criteria and can download or share the results in an email to other colleagues to make some informed decisions.

This reduced the time spent searching and waiting for the report from internal teams to check and verify multiple data across the organization.

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