DevOps Services

Cloud Destinations offers a variety of services to assist your business in putting DevOps best practices into effect. Our expert cloud architects provide comprehensive solutions in cloud integration, CI/CD, GitOps, and DevSecOps. Further, we help you to achieve seamless hybrid-cloud DevOps, transform your portfolio with hybrid virtualization, containerization & server-less models.

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What We Do?

With more than 10 years of IT experience, we Cloud Destinations has a team of experts who can give you a successful DevOps implementation approach. In addition to iterative and incremental development, on-demand workload management, lightweight architecture, security, and automated testing methodologies, we also provide DevOps consulting services to our clients. We have a delivery model for a set of tools that facilitates collaboration between a software development team and the operations team. In this delivery model, the DevOps as a Service provider provides the disparate tools that cover various aspects of the overall process and connects these tools to work together as one unit.

DevOps as a Service is the opposite of an in-house best-of-breed toolchain approach, in which the DevOps team uses a disconnected collection of discrete tools. The aim of DevOps as a Service is to ensure that every action carried out in the software delivery process can be tracked. DevOps as a Service also provides feedback to the developer group when a problem is identified in the production environment.

cloud destinations
cloud destinations

DevOps Service Advantages


DevOps as a Service can appeal to organizations that lack internal DevOps expertise, or the budget to obtain or train employees with those skills.


This approach also hides the complexities of data and information flow management up and down the toolchain.


An effective DevOps as a Service strategy enables a business to adopt a more flexible approach to its markets, and bring forth new products and services as the market changes. DevOps and DevOps as a Service can coexist with traditional development and deployment processes.


By integrating chosen elements of DevOps tooling into a single overarching system, DevOps as a Service aims to improve collaboration, monitoring, management, and reporting.


Various individuals and teams involved with the DevOps process can use intuitive interfaces to call on the aspects of the tooling they require, without having to understand how the entire toolchain works.