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Feb 2021


  • Penetration Testing
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Vulnerability
  • Information Security


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5 Reasons Why Your Organizations Need Penetration Testing

As cyberattacks are filling in refinement and intricacy, the odds of online organizations falling into the snares of cyber attackers are additionally expanding rapidly. For a solid and secure environment of an association, it is essential to have perpetrated experts who can safeguard the security framework against cybercrimes.

Uncover vulnerabilities before cybercriminals exploit them

A pen-test is the most ideal approach to see how weak a business is and how it very well may be abused. In a pen-test, experts expect and emulate the means of cybercriminals before they can discover any framework/network shortcomings. Associations for the most part lead penetration testing just after the organization of a new security framework or a huge change in safety efforts/controls.

Reduce network downtime

With regular penetration testing, business continuity is effectively reasonable. Leading it more than once per year will guarantee that the association faces a helpfully recoverable framework/network downtime. No business is for sure insusceptible to the destructive impacts of IT personal time. To handle them, hire skilled professionals who can advise you on the frequency of penetration testing that your business requires.

Initiate a highly efficient security measure

Penetration testing helps with improving the current status of an organization’s security framework. Its evaluation comprehends the security hole and the likely effect of cyberattacks on existing security draws near. Experienced penetration analysers organize with network security designers to make a dependable security framework. They ought to likewise know out from tough spots with the utilization of world-driving techniques – OWASP, PTES, NIST SP 800-115, and numerous others.

Empower consistent compliance

Aside from shielding a business from cyber attackers, another worry is to keep security procedures in consistency with security guidelines. These guidelines are defined by significant security norms, including HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, ISO 27001, and other pertinent ones. A rebellious association can be fined on occasion of critical security/information penetrate.

Ensure the organization's reputation and client trust

Each security occurrence, particularly the compromise of client information, prompts a negative effect on product/services sales, a discoloured association picture, and loss of client trust. Penetration testing assists an association with keeping its image worth and client trust flawless. All associations need better client obtaining systems to keep their business afloat. Otherwise, the consequences will be a decreased customer retention rate.
The above-expressed reasons are why organizations need penetration testing.

Solutions we are providing for Pentest

Our organization gives you the best penetration testing measure with best practices according to the principles that we have referenced in the above steps. We do all the fundamental strides for the penetration test like SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, HTML Injection, DOM Manipulation, and so on. Web Application - Coverage of OWASP top 10, ASVS and application logic.

Types of attacks include but not limited to:

  • Injection flaws
  • Authentication weaknesses
  • Poor session management
  • Broken access controls
  • Security misconfigurations
  • Database interaction errors
  • Input validation problems
  • Flaws in application logic

Network - OSINT, Coverage of OSSTMM and SANS top 20 security controls.
Types of attacks include but not limited to:

  • Firewall Misconfiguration and Firewall Bypass
  • IPS/IDS Evasion Attacks
  • Router Attacks
  • DNS Level Attacks
  • SSH Attacks
  • Proxy Server Attacks
  • Unnecessary Open Ports Attacks
  • Database Attacks
  • Man In The Middle (MITM) Attacks
  • FTP/SMTP Based Attacks

We avoid exploiting Denial of service attacks (DOS) and Brute Forcing as it may cause service disruption to critical services.

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