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July 2022


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34 Ransomware Variants from 722 Cyber Attacks in Q4 2021

The attacks result to an increase of 110 and 129 attacks, correspondingly, over the third and second quarters of 2021. During the three-month period between October and December 2021, 34 different ransomware versions were discovered.

Ransomware Strains

According to researchers, the most common ransomware strain in the fourth quarter of 2021 was LockBit 2.0, which was responsible for 29.7% of all reported instances, followed by Conti at 19%, PYSA at 10.5 percent, and Hive at 10.1 percent.

Which Sectors where Impacted?

Consumer and industrial products, manufacturing, professional services and consulting, real estate, life sciences and health care, technology, media and telecommunications, energy, resources and agriculture, public sector, financial services, and non-profit entities were among the most impacted sectors during the quarter.

Affected Countries

The US was the country most hit by LockBit 2.0 attacks, followed by Italy, Germany, France, and Canada. A large number of Conti infections have also been observed in the United States, Germany, and Italy. The United States was also the most impacted country by the PYSA and Hive ransomware assaults.

Different Ransomware Strains

According to the researchers, attacks on the consumer and industrial products sector increased by 22.2 percent from the third quarter of 2021, making it the most-affected sector during the fourth quarter.
The discoveries come as Nokoyawa, a relatively obscure ransomware strain with "striking resemblance" to the Hive ransomware, has been discovered, with the majority of its victims being in Argentina.
Both Nokoyawa and Hive involve the use of Cobalt Strike as part of the arrival phase of the assault, as well as the use of legal, but often misused tools such the anti-rootkit scanners GMER and PC Hunter for defensive evasion.

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