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Nov 2021


  • Kronos Ransomware
  • HR Operations
  • Ransomware Attack
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Breach


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Kronos Ransomware Has Disrupted HR Operations Around The World

The company said that attack could force its payroll management systems offline for weeks since it affected their employee payrolls.

Potential disruptions to pay

As per the UKG, all products linked to the Kronos private cloud are unavailable, UKG’s list of clients includes some huge names including Tesla, GameStop, Honda, Sainsbury’s, Puma, the YMCA, MGM Resorts, the city of Denver, and New York City’s Metro Transit Authority.

Digging Deeper!

UKG spotted the unusual activity in the kronos network and many other clients which employ thousands of workers, announced that they are also affected. Even governmental organizations announced this week that they had been affected by the attack. Cyber Security firms speculate it’s linked to the Log4J vulnerability, an open-source Java-based logging framework, it’s a zero-day vulnerability which was discovered last week exploited in multiple servers across the globe, and it is already being described as one of the most serious threats ever seen however, currently “no indication” that the two events are linked, though investigating is still on.

CD Bytes!

A piece of malicious software that will infect your network or your machines, and it can happen a number of different ways. It’s not always the end users fault, but its success is based on either relaxed security or somebody who has way too much access. A network, if it’s configured properly, will resist 1,000 attacks and It doesn’t care, all they have to do is make one mistake. AWARENESS IS KEY.

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