Other Services

Automation Services

Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

Infrastructure Automation leveraging state of the art RPA technologies.

Experienced Staffing

Our experienced Staff work closely with your helpdesk services to automate your runbook and infrastructure services

Proactive monitoring

Proactive monitoring and automated alerting and remediation leveraging Innovative AI/ML capabilities

Automated Build

Dev Ops Automated Build, Install & Test Framework using industry standard Source control, CI/CD tools


Infrastructure Automation, Scale On Demand based on workloads

Data Services

Database Design

(OLTP, Data Warehouse, Data Lake), installation, backup and recovery. Physical/Virtual, On-Perm/Cloud

High Performance

End to End High Performance DB Architecture & Design (Systems, Storage & Network)


Database Monitoring, Best Practices, Performance Optimizations & Query Optimizations

High Availability

High Availability & Disaster Recovery Design and Implementations, Database Migrations & Upgrades

People Management Services

We are so proud that we have greatest services.

IT Strategic Services Assessment

Helps with handling this issue by carrying out.

CxO Vision & Alignment

Helps your clients conceive, design, and stage extraordinary.

IT Process Assessment

Helps to review the current state of your business processes.

Stakeholder Assessment

Help to identifying people who have success of your company.

End-User Satisfaction Assessment

Helps to evaluate enduser perspectives on your innovation.

Enterprise Application

Helped to create a process with high productivity and efficiency

Architecture/Operations Assessment

Helps to quickly Identify Problems and tool across all areas

IT Security Assessment

Helps to analyze risks and shield your data from attacks.

IT Staffing Assessment

Helps to find the perfect match.

IT Innovation Assessment

Helps to understand the key success factors of innovation

Security Ops Services

Security Management

Risk Management

Security Strategy

Internal Audits

Infrastructure Patch Management

Application Patch Management

Business Process Controls

High Availability/Fault Tolerance

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Planning

Financial Management Services

Cloud cost and Budget management

Reduce planning cycle times, optimize operational plans & forecast accurately

Vendor Management

Drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased value from their vendors throughout the deal life cycle

Contract/Lease Management

Derive maximum value from maintenance agreements and make informed contract renewals

Cost Optimization

continuous discipline to drive spending and cost reduction, while maximizing business value


Hardware/Software License & Compliance. Hardware/Software Procurement & Warranty Services

vendor Contracts

Negotiate vendor contracts to bring down CAPEX investment cost and lower OPEX costs